Becoming IGEPS ( / ī jeps / )

We are pleased to reintroduce ourselves as the Initiative for Gender Equity in the Public Sector (IGEPS). 

Since 2013, many of you have worked with us as Women in the Public Sector (WPS) to educate, engage, and foster gender equity in the public sector. We have grown significantly over the past eight years, and our new name, mission, and logo reflect this growth. 2020-2021 has been a time of introspection and assessment of core values for many, and we spent this time carefully considering how to move from a primary focus on women to a more inclusive focus on all gender identities, expressions, and sexual orientations in our work.   

The mission of IGEPS is to make public service and policy more equitable for all gender identities. By partnering with public sector organizations, we equip administrators with the best tools and resources to make informed decisions for achieving gender equity. This shift is consistent with new  understandings, definitions, and approaches to gender in the public sector. Exciting additions to IGEPS include a Student Fellowship Program and more ways for faculty and practitioners to formally affiliate with IGEPS. 

Our new logo conveys several ideas. The assortment of colors and shades signify the wide spectrum of gender identities and expressions. Each individual square represents pixels of data, in that we are an evidence-based research organization. These pixels fill out into solid bars at the top of each column symbolizing the path toward equity. Finally, the logo turned onto its side depicts an E for equity. 

Stay tuned and thank you for your continued support in advancing gender equity!

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